Bulldog Factory Automation

Turnkey Systems

Our approach encompasses every stage of the automation process, starting with meticulous process design and extending to simulation, mechanical design, line layout, electrical and controls engineering. The Concept to Reality workflow at Bulldog unfolds through conceptual (process) design, followed by your completed system installed and in production on your floor.


Specializing in projection, laser, MIG, and spot welding, we offer tailored solutions that span fabrication, machining, and system assembly. Our cutting-edge facilities, coupled with expansive floor space, empower us to seamlessly execute projects of diverse sizes. Elevate your welding experience with Bulldog’s commitment to unmatched quality and capabilities.


Our company offers a complete range of services in fabrication, machining, and system assembly, ensuring a seamless integration of automation into your manufacturing process. The Bulldog Factory Automation approach to developing complex or simple product assembly solutions is fashioned to deliver our customers’ designs into a finished, assembled product.

Repeatable assembly systems. Incorporating material handling, vision systems with precision for value-added assembly when driving or inserting, reverting, and other joining methods. Ergonomically safe and efficient designs for manufacturing. Both fully automated and manual assembly systems incorporating safety, work instructions, maintenance access, and reliability designed in. 


Vision systems have evolved into an indispensable component of industrial automation, playing a pivotal role in ensuring product quality where traditional sensors may fall short. Today’s vision systems are not only smarter and more dependable than ever but also surprisingly cost-effective and straightforward to maintain. Robot-guided vision can give us the ability to process product that would have previously required dedicated tooling. At Bulldog Factory Automation, our expertise encompasses a wide range of vision systems, including brands such as Keyence, Cognex, and Fanuc-iRVision. We specialize in both fixed and robot-mounted vision systems, and our approach involves a thorough assessment of your processes and error-proofing requirements, allowing us to recommend the most efficient and economical solution for your specific application.


Elevate your manufacturing efficiency with Bulldog Factory Automation’s expert material handling solutions. From seamless pick and place operations to precision palletizing, packaging, and sorting, we specialize in optimizing your workflow. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless and efficient material flow, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime. Whether it’s the precision of pick and place or the systematic organization of sorting, Bulldog’s expertise in material handling transforms your processes into streamlined and cost-effective operations.


Sealers and adhesives play an important role in various joining processes. A wide range of adhesives such as resin, glue, epoxy, and sealers are utilized across a spectrum of assembly processes. At Bulldog, we recognize that precision and consistency are fundamental in any dispensing system. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have successfully implemented a wide range of dispensing systems and materials. Whether working with your preferred supplier or recommending the best dispensing system for your application, we seamlessly integrate it into your assembly process. Our expertise extends to incorporating features like UV light curing or preheating as needed. Furthermore, we can integrate volume dispense monitoring, bead profile tracking, and vision systems to validate the precision of dispensed fluids. We have the capability to integrate your dispensing systems into your MES/FIS systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Support and Expertise

We pride ourselves on providing world-class support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. Our team of experts will guide you from initial concept design to implementation, offering valuable insights and recommendations based on our extensive industry experience. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your operational goals.


If you’d like to request a proposal, please fill out the form below or call us at (248) 541-3500. Our team will review your submission and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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