Bulldog Factory Automation

The Ultimate Factory Service Provider Since 1937

At Bulldog Factory Automation, we lead the way in innovation, pushing boundaries with our unwavering commitment to technological advancement. Through our dedication to excellence, we have emerged as industry pioneers, revolutionizing the landscape of industrial operations.

Bulldog Factory Service is now

Bulldog Factory Automation

We’re the same great Bulldog you’ve known and trusted, but with a whole new look.

Formerly known as Bulldog Factory Service, our company has now rebranded to Bulldog Factory Automation, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey. This name change reflects our transformative growth and expanded focus on automation. While our core values and dedication to excellence remain unchanged, this rebranding allows us to better communicate our comprehensive range of automation solutions to our valued customers.

As Bulldog Factory Automation, we continue to build upon our legacy of providing reliable, efficient, and innovative automation systems while embracing new technologies and methodologies. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering cutting-edge manufacturing solutions remains at the forefront of our operations. We look forward to continuing to be a trusted partner for our client’s automation needs. Learn more about our history.

Your One Stop Shop,
From Design to Installation

As a full-service integrator, Bulldog Factory Automation has the capabilities to take your project from concept to production. Our turnkey solutions makes the process seamless, avoiding delays and unknowns.

Streamline Your Operations with VALUE-ADD ASSEMBLY

The Bulldog Factory Automation approach to developing complex or simple product assembly solutions is fashioned to deliver our customers’ designs into a finished, assembled product.

Advanced Weld Systems and Seamless Integration

Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing processes with our advanced weld systems and seamless integration solutions, ensuring optimal precision and efficiency with every weld.

Powering Industrial Innovation

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our advanced robotics and custom automation solutions, streamlining your operations and driving unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency.


We pride ourselves on providing world-class support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. Our team of experts will guide you from initial concept design to implementation, offering valuable insights and recommendations based on our extensive industry experience. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your operational goals.


Bulldog Factory Automation has over 80 years of experience designing, building, installing, and supporting custom production systems. Fill out a form to request a proposal from our team and one of our automation experts will be in touch to learn more about your unique project.

Join the Bulldog Team

If you are driven by excellence and share our commitment to pushing boundaries, explore our career opportunities and become part of the Bulldog Factory Automation family.

Headquartered in Michigan, Proud to be American-Made

Over the course of 80+ years in the industry, Bulldog Factory Automation has taken great pride in our growth within the United States. Our roots run deep in the state of Michigan, where we first began our journey. With operations spanning across the entire United States, we are dedicated to providing efficient service and support to customers throughout North America.

Driving Innovation with Our Advanced Solutions

Bulldog Factory Automation has firmly established itself as a prominent player in the automotive, heavy-truck, aerospace space, offering cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by manufacturers, we deliver tailor-made systems that streamline production processes and enhance overall performance.

Experience the Bulldog Factory Automation Difference

Our dedicated team of engineers are ready to assess your specific requirements, provide tailored solutions, and offer competitive pricing. Take the first step towards revolutionizing your operations by reaching out to us for a quote, and let Bulldog Factory Automation empower your business with cutting-edge robotics, welding, automation, and conveyor belt manufacturing solutions.

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